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Nairobi Tech Week

NairobiTechWeek is the largest tech event in sub-saharan. It is meant to bring together tech enterprenuers and developers to create solutions in solving problems. The site is a platform for users to get more information of the event and also purchase tickets.

Lavish Affairs

Lavish Affairs is meant to be one of the top companies in East Africa in managing events and bring to life ideas and designs. The site is a platform for giving ideas to users and also showcase some of the events previously managed.

Junior Moringa School

Junior Moringa School is a two-week Java program to introduce applicants to programming before attending the main course. This site acts as a platform to apply for the course and get more information.

Moringa School

Moringa School is Africa’s top coding school, where we train students to become junior mobile and web developers in 16 intensive, exciting weeks. I was part of the team that contributed fully to creating the website.


OCharge is a platform that gives users information of how to get rewarded with Deals and Discounts from their favourite brands around them, using their mobile application.